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Saffron and Ricotta Tarts

Traveling through the Mediterranean may lead you to a small island off the coast of Italy known as Sardinia. Similar to the Greek island of Ikaria, it shares the secret to longevity, coining it a “Blue Zone”. The island’s cuisine is also predominantly plant-based, heavy in olive oil, vegetables, nuts and legumes. In contrast to most Italian rituals, meals are one course opposed to multiple. The mountain highlands also produce diet staples of yogurt, known as guiddo, honey, and whole grain flour. To splurge, Sardinians enjoy these traditional tarts known as pardulas. It showcases saffron, the world’s most costly spice, which is rich in antioxidants and studied for its health benefits. Sardinia is one of the few regions that cultivates this prized flower. For added plant-based nutrients, this recipe adapts almond flour for the crust. Try topping with a drizzle of local honey done in true Sardinian style!


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