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NARMC Encourages Use of Clinics Tele-Health Services

North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC) has been closely monitoring the CVOID-19 cases and hospitalizations rates as they are continuing to rise in our communities.

North Arkansas Regional Medical Center is committed to providing, safe, effective, and efficient healthcare to our community. We are seeing a significant increase in illness associated with COVID-19, and we want to encourage you to take extra precautions to remain safe. The NARMC healthcare teams are working diligently to care for critically ill patients. Our Emergency Department is doing everything possible to provide efficient care during this time, however, we are experiencing extended wait times. Due to the rapid rise of COVID cases in our state and region, hospital bed capacity is extremely limited. We encourage you to visit your local physician whenever possible to avoid the Emergency Department. If you have an urgent need, please consider utilizing our urgent care services at NARMC Mediquick, or our telemedicine service, NARMC Now. To access NARMC Now, contact one of the NARMC Clinics. A complete list of our clinics can be found at

If you have symptoms of COVID, please proceed to the NARMC Viral Screening Clinic, or call the COVID Information Hotline at 870-414-4010 for further instructions. If you have an emergency medical condition, please call 911 or proceed to the Emergency Department. As we continue to live under the constraints of this pandemic, know that the health and safety of our NARMC community is a priority. By utilizing urgent care services, you are helping us care for our healthcare heroes and our critically ill patients.

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