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NARMC Celebrates National Physical Therapy Month

Front row: Allie Curtis, Brittany Martin, Janice Zerbe / Back row: Carla Parker, Jeff Swanson, Chris Quattlebaum, Andrew Phillips, Tonia Stokes

North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC) is recognizing the essential role that physical therapists play in helping patients regain mobility and independence by celebrating National Physical Therapy Month. This month is set aside to raise awareness about the importance of physical therapy in helping people find relief from pain, improve mobility, and live healthier lives.

“National Physical Therapy Month is a time to recognize our wonderful staff and the profession they love,” said Brittany Martin, ATC, DPT, OCS, Director of Rehabilitation Services at NARMC. “We could not provide the superior care we are known for without our team of therapists.”

NARMC’s Department of Branding sat down with Carla Parker, Clinical Supervisor in the Rehab Services Department at NARMC to talk about physical therapy and its impact on patients’ lives.

What do you do as a physical therapist?

Carla: As movement experts, Physical therapists use evidence based decision making to improve patients’ quality of life and functional mobility specific to their own needs. Physical Therapists come alongside the patient and provide a specific, tailored plan for each individual according to their goals.

How are inpatient and outpatient physical therapy different?

Carla: The NARMC Physical Therapy team provides both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy services. Inpatient services are provided to individuals who are currently admitted to the hospital for sickness, stroke, or to start their rehabilitation process promptly. The goal of acute inpatient physical therapy is to provide the patient the functional base for discharging to their destination whether it be home with home health services or short term rehab. When patients can attend sessions outside of their home, outpatient services are provided on the ground floor of the hospital. The goal for outpatient therapy is to progress patients to full recovery from injury, surgery, or other impairments using specific manual therapies, exercise plans, and home programs.

Talk about the team aspect of working with other staff at NARMC.

Carla: We are constantly collaborating with other professions in order to give our patients the highest quality care. Communication is essential when you work with others towards patients’ goals. Here at NARMC, we strive to break down silos to come together as a unit all for giving patients the best possible environment to heal and recover.

What do you want people to know about physical therapy?

Carla: Physical therapists are the experts in movement. Humans were made to be active and thrive in their environment. We help to progress patients toward that goal and it’s very rewarding. Physical Therapists can treat the whole body from head to toe. We also specialize in different areas of the body such as the inner ear and the pelvic floor. We are able to address a wide range of conditions, including: arthritis, neck and back pain, balance training, vertigo, headaches/migraines, pediatric developmental delays, bone/joint fractures, incontinence, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, total joint rehab, post shoulder surgery, and many others.

What does National Physical Therapy month mean to you?

“It’s a great opportunity to raise awareness about the benefits of physical therapy, but in celebration of the month, we’re not here to celebrate ourselves. To us, it’s not any different than any other month of the year. The celebration comes as we get the chance to go along side patients and be involved in the improvement of their lives and that’s 12 months out of the year.” Says Carla Parker, Clinical Supervisor.

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