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MAXAIR: The Future of Respiratory and Contact Protection

HARRISON, Arkansas, November 24, 2020 – North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC) has purchased twelve MAXAIR CAPR Helmets to better protect their employees from infection and disease.The MAXAIR CAPR allows multiple users to safely use the same system without risk of disease transmission because they can be cleaned easily and allows the user, regardless of facial features/facial hair, to utilize the system,” says Delbert McCutchen, Director of Employee Education at NARMC.

The MAXAIR CAPR Helmets are a quiet, hose-free air purifying respirator system that works by pulling in ambient air through a filter in the helmet. That air is then channeled inside the helmet and down the lens, which cools the user and keeps the lens from fogging up. The air flow exhausts carbon dioxide from the user’s breath through the face/head cover. “The user can be visually seen and does not hide the face like a mask does. This allows patients to see the provider and their expressions which is something COVID has taken away from patients,” says McCutchen.

All MAXAIR CAPR Systems are positive pressure, loose fitting powered air purifying respirators that supply 6 to 9 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of airflow and the helmet is adjustable to provide maximum comfort to the user currently wearing it. “The MAXAIR CAPR allows for greater visibility between the Respiratory Therapist and their patient,” says Gloria Starnes, Director of Cardiopulmonary & Sleep Lab at NARMC. “The MAXAIR CAPR helps provide clarity in communication. When providing extended patient care, the system provides a more comfortable environment for the Respiratory Therapist,” she says.

The safety of staff and patients is of the utmost of importance to us while continuing to focus on caring for patients. Our staff have responded very positively to this new technology, so NARMC recently invested in an additional thirty-two MAXAIR CAPR systems to protect our staff and patients during the pandemic,” says NARMC’s Josh Bright, PharmD Vice President of Operations.

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