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I Knew We Were In Good Hands

Maya and therapist, Janice Zerbe

“The greatest source of joy comes from my little family that includes Maya and Ayanna,” says Linda Tamayo, mother of two daughters that were born at North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC) sixteen months apart. “Our experience at NARMC started off so scary with so many unknowns because the girls were born premature, but the doctors, nurses, and staff were always reassuring and helped in every way to make sure we were all taken care of. I knew we were in good hands.”

After Maya and Ayanna turned one, there was a possibility that they would both need physical therapy later in their life. When it came time to choose a therapy program, Linda was not hesitant to reach out to the NARMC Therapy Program. “When we first arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see all the equipment they had and that they actually offered pediatric therapy,” she says. “It has been so difficult to find a therapy program close to home, which has the variety of equipment and the adequate space for the girls to work in.”

Ayanna and therapist, Jennifer Birdsong

Linda states, “As a mom, and a special needs mom at that, it's always nerve-wracking to leave your kids in other people's hands. I am very pleased with how the NARMC staff works with the girls and they always answer any questions I have. I know I am taking my children to a place that genuinely cares about them and the progress that they are making.”

“Going to NARMC has allowed us to increase their weekly therapy while also decreasing the number of times we travel to Rogers for therapy. We were going to Rogers 3 times a week and now that has dropped to 1 time a week, so that has been very convenient for us,” states Linda.

Ayanna is non-verbal and has autism, so her therapy sessions can come with certain behavioral challenges like communication difficulties and meltdowns. The staff are well equipped to handle patients of all abilities and are patient with her while she works towards her goals. Linda states that, “It's reassuring that the therapists are willing to work on this in order for her to continue therapy, even when she doesn't want to,” Linda explains.

Ayanna, their mom Linda, and Maya

“With the girls now being 7 and 6 respectively, Linda has seen them make amazing progress throughout their journey with NARMC Physical therapy. “Maya and Ayanna have become more independent with walking and being more mobile,” Linda added. “Maya needed more intense therapy since having surgery a year ago to help with her spasticity. Ayanna is more low tone and she has become more active and is able to move more freely. She actually enjoys walking now.”

“Watching my girls go through the challenges that they have had to face has been hard, however I am very proud of their accomplishments and, like all parents, I hope and dream about my daughters becoming more and more independent and having a fulfilling life,” said Linda.


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