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Hospital COO Bright Shares 340B Update

The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors at the North Arkansas Regional Medical Center took place on Tuesday, June 27, where the staff provided several updates.

Sammie Cribbs, President/CEO of NARMC, invited Josh Bright, the Chief Operating Officer, to brief the board on the 340B program.

Bright expressed gratitude to the board for their openness to learn more about the 340B program and its significance for NARMC and rural communities in Arkansas. According to Bright, the 340B Drug Pricing Program, initiated in 1992, plays a vital role in supporting rural hospitals and healthcare providers that serve vulnerable communities. Through partnerships with 340B contract pharmacies, this program ensures that patients in need can access affordable healthcare services. These contract pharmacies work together with hospitals, such as NARMC, to provide medications to patients, expanding the reach of the 340B program and improving healthcare accessibility for the community.

The board was informed that the program helps safety-net providers optimize their limited resources and enhance healthcare access for underserved populations. Pharmaceutical manufacturers offer discounts on outpatient medications, enabling eligible providers to acquire them at a lower cost. The savings generated from this program are reinvested in the community to offer more comprehensive services. However, Bright pointed out that pharmaceutical manufacturers have imposed limitations and barriers that impede access to medications through 340B contract pharmacies. These restrictions create challenges for hospitals and healthcare providers in effectively serving vulnerable communities. It is crucial for all parties involved to recognize the critical role of 340B contract pharmacies and collaborate to eliminate these barriers, ensuring uninterrupted access to local healthcare for those in need.

Bright expressed gratitude to the local pharmacies that partner with the hospital. He stated, "Collaborating with 340B contract pharmacies brings numerous benefits to eligible hospitals and healthcare providers. It enables them to extend their services beyond their facilities and assist patients who struggle with affording healthcare. These contract pharmacies, conveniently located in the community, make it easier for patients to fill prescriptions and adhere to their treatment plans, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes."

"Furthermore, contract pharmacies help eligible providers save significant costs that can be redirected to other critical services," Bright elaborated. "By accessing medications at discounted prices, hospitals can allocate resources to essential areas such as cancer care, behavioral healthcare, and labor and delivery services. This strategic allocation enables hospitals to effectively meet the healthcare needs of their communities."

"Despite challenges posed by pharmaceutical manufacturers concerned about reduced profits, the partnership between the 340B program and contract pharmacies remains strong. These contract pharmacies serve as vital resources, especially in rural and underserved areas," Bright concluded.


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