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NARMC Encourages Safe Practices Amid Pandemic

North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC) has been closely monitoring the Covid-19 cases within the state of Arkansas as they continue to increase. On June 12th, 2020 the Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson announced 731 new cases of COVID-19 across the state. This is the largest increase in any 24 hour period that we have seen in this state. Many counties in the northwest corridor of the state continue to see significant increases in COVID-19 cases, as well as, significant increases in hospital admissions. Governor Hutchinson reported 220 new cases in Washington County, 91 in Benton County, 32 in Madison County. Approximately 39% of the COVID-19 cases are currently hospitalized in the northwest region of the state.

North Arkansas Regional Medical Center encourages everyone to please remember, this pandemic is not over. This unprecedented time has put a strain on our nation, state, and community and as we continue to navigate through this pandemic, your health and safety is our team’s priority. Please continue to maintain social distancing and avoid close contact with others. Please wear a mask at all times when in a public setting when you cannot maintain a 6 foot social distance. Please do not congregate in large groups, and avoid group settings unless absolutely necessary. If you are feeling ill, please do not enter a public setting. If you are concerned that you may have COVID-19 or have been exposed to COVID-19, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center offers testing at the drive-thru viral screening center Monday-Saturday 10am-3pm. The facility is located at 1401 Hwy 62-65.

If you have any questions concerning the COVID-19 virus, please call 870-414-4010 and our team of dedicated healthcare professionals will be available to assist you. NARMC wants to encourage everyone to stay safe and healthy during this time!

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