Better Speech and Hearing Month

May is Better Speech and Hearing month and here at NARMC we are celebrating by highlighting the critical role that Speech-Language Pathologists can provide in patient care.

“SLPs treat a variety of disorders including feeding disorders, speech or language delays, voice problems, swallowing difficulties or loss of language post stroke and more. I am blessed to be able to help patients achieve their goals and meaningfully communicate across their lifespan,” Lindsey Gabbard, NARMC Speech-Language Pathologist said.

Speech therapy can remain a priority for those in need as we are offering Teletherapy along with taking precautions in our outpatient rehab department.

As communities face stay-at-home orders, we know this is a challenging time. While spending time together, use this resource to discover simple tips caregivers can use to build their child’s speech and language skills while at home.