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Cardiac Rehab Photo Tour

After experiencing a heart attack, heart failure, angioplasty or heart surgery, patients need to strengthen their hearts. According to the American Heart Association, Cardiac Rehab is a medically supervised program designed to improve cardiovascular health.

NARMC’s Cardiac Rehabilitation center is located near the North Entrance of NARMC. Patient parking can be found right outside the North Entrance. As soon as patients walk into the rehab center, they will find a small waiting area.

Pass the waiting area, patients will find a large room full of work-out equipment. Nurses monitor patients’ heart rates and watch to see if heart rhythms change. Reports are sent directly to patients’ cardiologists every 12 weeks or so.

The goal of Cardiac Rehab is to strengthen patients’ hearts. Patients are taught how to cope with cardiac issues and how to listen to their body and act when necessary. The nursing team works one-on-one with patients and then integrates them into a cardiac group class.

“We work with patients one-on-one when they come to Cardiac Rehab,” Vickie Somers, RN, said. “Patients come to us to improve the function of their hearts and often they find a support system through other patients.”

NARMC’s Cardiac Rehab offers free education each month focusing on heart topics. The staff also hosts a heart-healthy food day once a month to show patients that they can still enjoy some of their favorite foods.

If you want to know more about Cardiac Rehab, ask your healthcare provider if it is right for you.

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