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Service Milestones Celebrated

Recently, the NARMC team celebrated service milestones. Staff with years of service in five year increments were awarded service pins. A combined total of more than 1,002 years are represented in the crowd.

5 years

Lottie Adams

Teresa Akin

Ashley Black

Shane Bridges

Tiffany Bryant

Sara Camp

Heather Clements

Lora Conwill

Sarah Cooper

Laquetta Cope

Andrea Correll

Julie Garcia

Nancy George

Jackie Hern

Katheryn Holder

William Holsted

Bethany Hornaday

Frank Hudson

Jena Hudson

Pamela Kindall

Sherri King

Donna Lake

Glenda Lochridge

Brittany Martin

Kaitlin McClain

Melody McKamey

Joan Methvin

Susan Peasley

Rhonda Reeves

Daniel Rodriguez

Kimberly Rosson

Cheyenne Smith

Tanner Smith

Johnny Smith

Patricia Smith

Sally Sutterfield

Carrie Sutton

Robert Turley

Kristi Turner

Jeannine Wadsager

Kimberly Wyatt

10 years

Donna Boehm

Rebecca Davidson

Shelby Halliday

Rebecca Hathaway

Anna Heimer

Edna Henderson

Tabitha Hodge

Darla Hughes

Tonya Marshall

Charles Mears

Amanda Perse

Maria Velasquez

15 years

Michelle Baker

Benjamin Bowser

Wade Gibbons

Thresa Richardson

Robert Rowe

Angela Smith

20 years

Deborah Bolton

Cindy Conklin

Sherry Diffey

Connie Garrison

Michelle Knoles

Joseph Laborde

Charles Redline

Julia Unwer

25 years

Charles Copeland

Joe Deaton

James Edwards

Mary Hickman

Bernita Jones

Rhonda Mayhall

Dawn Sorbo

Steve Williams

Florence Yeager

30 years

John Pearson

Betty Reynolds

Brian Unruh

35 years

Dianne Davidson

Donna Rhodes

Congratulations to everyone celebrating service milestones!

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