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Julie Lockett Named Volunteer of the Year

At Yesterday’s Monthly Auxiliary Meeting, NARMC Auxiliary Member Julie Lockett was awarded the 2019 Auxilian of the Year Award. Congratulations to Julie for earning this honor!

Award Presentation Speech:

"When given a mission, she is committed no matter what obstacles get in her way. In her

professional life she was employed in the media industry. You will never find anyone with a

bigger heart. She never turns down a project and often seeks out opportunities always knowing

the perfect time to appear just when needed most. She never complains, is always on the run and

can out last and out run just about everyone.

This Auxilian has always had a passion for volunteerism. There is a list of individuals that

would do anything when it comes to volunteering and the recipient of this award is one of them,

a true testament to how fantastic this volunteer is. Volunteerism is something this Auxilian began

after a loss.

The 2019 NARMC Auxilian of the Year began volunteering with NARMC in 2008 helping to

knit booties.

This Auxilian is a very behind the scenes kind of volunteer with all that they do. This volunteer

comes in early and stays late many days, including weekends to volunteer and complete


She has been described as “Exhibiting dedication and compassion to all who walk through the doors

of NARMC.” She exudes kindness to all and is always willing to step in and help where

needed.This volunteer seems to be a walking encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes

to the variety of things that she is capable of doing, and she loves to share her talents.

This volunteer has helped to make hundreds baskets for the basket sales and the Foundation's annual


Furthermore, this Auxilian volunteered as the Rehab Chairperson, worked in that area one

afternoon a week, works in the Auxiliary Gift Shop two mornings a week, serves as time keeper

for the Auxiliary, assists with various mail outs all the while keeping a positive attitude

and pride in what she does for the hospital and auxiliary. This Auxilian is always thinking

outside of the box.

It is with great pleasure to announce the 2019 NARMC Auxilian of the Year- Julie Lockett."

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