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NARMC Team Teaches Stop the Bleed

NARMC was proud to participate in Ozark Opportunities Inc.’s Safety Training Day. Staff were trained on several topics including:

· Situational Awareness & Cover & Concealment

· Distance Management and Defensive Tactics

· Fire Extinguisher Training

· Run/Hide/Fight & Force Multipliers

· “Stop the Bleed” Training

“This training was created in direct response to all of the negative outcomes and criminal situations we are seeing in society; including in classrooms and businesses,” CEO Toby Atkinson said. “I came to the realization that my staff were mentally unprepared for whatever situations they might find themselves involved in, and if we could at least begin the journey toward a decent level of preparedness then our agency and staff would at least have a fighting chance if something ever happens.”

NARMC staff taught the Stop the Bleed portion of the day. “Stop the Bleed” is a national awareness campaign that encourages bystanders to be trained, equipped and empowered to help during a bleeding emergency before emergency professionals arrive. Participants were taught how to apply pressure to a wound and how to properly secure a tourniquet.

For more information regarding the types of education NARMC offers, please call 870-414-4000.

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