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Sallie’s Story

Meet Sallie Snow. She is 23-years-old, loves to draw and will talk about anything related to The Grinch! She is very quiet and has a stutter, which is what led her to NARMC Speech Therapy.

“For Sallie, her speech therapy appointments are a social activity. It gives her something to do and she has made a new friend,” said her mother Laura Snow. “Sallie is very shy, but therapy is helping her speak up.”

Sallie’s new friend is Lindsey Gabbard, Speech Pathologist, M.S. CFY. She is teaching Sallie about how to make her speech smooth and trying to help her find her voice.

When asked what her favorite part about therapy was, Sallie answered, “drawing.”

Lindsey uses different techniques including drawing to help Sallie understand particular concepts.

When asked if she looked forward to coming to therapy, Sallie smiled and answered, “Yes.”

Sallie may still be finding her voice, but therapy has given Sallie another safe place to learn and more friends to talk to!

For more information about Speech Therapy or the other rehab services offered at NARMC, call 870-414-5051.

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