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NARMC blood recipients will have the opportunity to “Thank the Donor”

Community Blood Center of the Ozarks (CBCO), the area’s exclusive provider of blood to over forty area hospitals, is introducing a groundbreaking program that will allow a blood recipient to communicate with their blood donor through a smartphone, tablet or computer. The “Thank the Donor” program will be brought to North Arkansas Regional Medical Center in Harrison, Ark. beginning on Tuesday, September 10.

The program promises to break communication barriers by providing a new and different way to say “thank you” while protecting the anonymity of both donor and patient. A green, heart-shaped tag is affixed to the blood bag, encouraging and instructing recipients or families to communicate by visiting

CBCO has been testing the program since June and hopes to have it completely implemented to all area hospitals by the end of the year.

“Most blood donors have probably wondered where their blood goes after they give,” CBCO Executive Director Anthony Roberts said. “On the other side of things, many blood recipients desire to, but have never had the opportunity to thank the donor for their lifesaving generosity. The Thank the Donor program promises to bridge that communication gap. We hope to show both parties how special their connection is.”

For more information on the Thank the Donor program, log on to

CBCO wishes to thank the thousands of blood donors, volunteers and advocates that are directly responsible for saving lives every day through the power of blood donation. Thank you for giving life to your community.

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