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MASH 2019

During the last two weeks, 15 area high school students participated in MASH.

M*A*S*H, or Medical Applications of Science for Health, is a two-week program that introduces high school students to health related careers. Students selected into the M*A*S*H program shadow five days in a variety of healthcare locations and learn medical terminology. The participants have hands-on activities to learn medical procedures such as heart dissection and suturing. They tour North Arkansas Regional Medical Center and take several local field trips. The group takes part in team building activities throughout the camp and learns about a variety of healthcare careers and education levels needed for those different careers. The program is sponsored by UAMS, Farm Bureau and Delta Dental.

NARMC staff members spoke to the students and led activities. Students were able to get a front-row seat of the medical field. During graduation on Friday, June 28, the students presented a real-life medical scenario to attendees.

The 2019 MASH graduates include Julia Campbell from St. Joe, Alexis Carter from Western Grove, Kaitlyn Coffman from Valley Springs, Jazmine Estes from Valley Springs, McKenzie Holder from Western Grove, Kaya Huebner frrom Lead Hill, Jordan Johnson from Harrison, McKenzie Lewin from Harrison, Stephanie Muncy from Omaha, Grace Robertson from Lead Hill, Elizabeth Sawyer from Lead Hill, Grace Strode from Harrison, Keerthi Vimalraj from Bentonville, Rebecca Witty from Harrison and Hailey Woods from Western Grove.

NARMC is proud to be able to host events like MASH for our community. MASH students are the future of the healthcare field.

One of the MASH facilitators, Jess Graddy, BSN, RN, wrote a poem to sum up this year's program.

MASH 101

Day one we were such a quiet bunch

Sat in silence through PowerPoints all the way to lunch

Saving Annie we practiced counting to 30

Learning to work as a team we were looking mighty “perty”

Day two we arrived notebooks in hand- feeling awful hungry

Blood pressure cuffs and needles flew as our tummies were grumbly

We survived with moments to spare

Piled our plates with bacon, biscuits and gravy not giving much care

Drink your juice, wash your hands- the team said

Hopefully one day that will get out of our head

What kind of dog are you?

Shaggy, short haired or drooling –who knew!

Hairnets around, off to the kitchen we go

Thank goodness for nutrition- our patients do know

For this is what helps them to heal and to grow

Next we met an ER nurse who can start her own IV in the foot

Only a nurse would attempt that when feeling caput

We went on a few tours all over the place

From CCU to First then lab – staff hustled and bustled at such a fast pace

Bunny suits on and botties on tight

Off we go again one last place for the night

So we ended the day fishing for worms but they were sure tasty

OR was never our thing but now maybe, just maybe

Day three off to college on the big white bus

Thank you to the Pioneers who never made a fuss

Oh the errors we found in the simulation

Thank goodness for great patient advocation

Trip hazards and cigarettes to name just a few,

What do we do if our patient turns blue

Some listened to lungs, blood pressure, heart tones- some birthed a baby

This is not for us some thought but others mumbled maybe, just maybe

Returning home to Conference Room A –its finally pizza time

Enjoy said the team, But first wash your hands, stand in line

Our team project was introduced

And our tables we moved

Oh so much to learn so we can present

And hopefully the audience will know what we meant

Just wait and you’ll hear all that we learned

You’re in for a treat

So just stay in your seat

We walked to PARTI- chemo, film and lasers galore

We were humbled to learn of the bravery behind that glass door

Hand swipes were next and what a surprise

We learned very quickly that germs grow before our very eyes

To teach us about intubation

This was next in the education

The surgery department spared two of their best

With the live glide-scope demo -What a courageous guest!

Off to OB where we had quite a shock

When counting contractions we better watch the clock

Peanuts, monitors and dilation till TEN

Good thing it’s women who give birth and not the men

Some of us thought -now this is the key

Yet others thought -oh no way, not for me

Day four we started off on foot

We walked through a trauma rooms to take a quick look

And then to the ambulance bay

Which make some of us say

Now this is for me, this is where I belong

With cool toys like this who could go wrong

Echo’s of hearts and rebuilding muscle

If we are going to get it all in we will need to hustle

Nurses came to see us of all shapes and sizes

They told us a great nurse never compromises

Some had a great view for they flew in the sky

Others gave the gift of knowledge said things like it’s easy as pie, its ok to cry

MRI’s, biopsy’s, CT’s, X-rays were next

Oh how in the world do they keep track of each and every test

Dissection of the heart was the coolest of all

We couldn’t remember the chambers but now we stand tall

Go ahead quiz us and you will too see

What great nurses and doctors we will one day be

Day five was a blast, does the fun never end

Pill containers and yellow vision -grandma just needs a friend

We learned that elderly have troubles unseen

The help that they need might just come from a teen

Candy for breakfast was kept hush-hush

We would tell you more if we weren’t in such a rush

To the pharmacy next where we learned how to shimmy

Surrounded by thousands of bins some large and some skinny

Now this is the stuff, some of us thought, this team is groovy

Others said no way, not for me, let’s catch a movie

Mental health was the next topic on the never ending list

The mind is amazing, dementia, delusions oh what a twist

Safety goggles on and off we go

Engineering put us on quite a show

From top to bottom we saw this whole place

Between boilers and basement there is so much space

Taking the stairs we made a quick line

We will not get stuck on the elevator – this time

Cavities and caries, plaque and decay

Brushing and flossing is the only way

I found it now- one of us said

Others looked on feeling much dread

Let me at those teeth and those gums

Oh no not for me, I may need tums

Wrap up your day with cards and thank yous’

Rest up said the team there’s much left to do

For next week we begin “the crazy week two”

Hang your coats, be on time

Wash your hands, stand in line

Casting, splinting, Needles and pigs feet

Wow, who knew this would be neat

Ultrasound and wound care

So grateful to those who took time to share

Well I’m all out of rhyme

And have no more time

But one last thing we do is just pray

That in the medical field you will be able to say

Yes this is for me, I love helping people too

And education team says your smart- my bet is on you

Not to worry the stories not ending -for there is more

All you have to do is walk right in that door

So no matter what you do if it’s big or it’s small

NARMC is here just give us a call!

Your Health. Your Safety.
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