Bryan’s Story

Meet Bryan.

Bryan Somers was paralyzed during a home invasion in 2005. For the past five years, he has been coming to NARMC Wound Care almost daily. The team has maintained his wounds, helped keep him healthy when not taking antibiotics, prepared him for countless surgeries and has referred him to the doctors and the specialized care that he needs.

“The NARMC Wound Care team saved my life. Kathy’s upbeat attitude has kept me going on days I felt hopeless,” Bryan said. “The entire team is invaluable to me.”

Bryan is currently undergoing hyperbaric treatment five days a week as he prepares for his 15th surgery. The NARMC team will continue to care for Bryan as he recovers from surgery. The entire Wound Care team considers Bryan family and enjoys being a part of his recovery process.

Bryan is pictured with Kathy Gillit, Wound Care nurse.