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NARMC Auxiliary Officers Inducted

The 2019-2020 NARMC Auxiliary officers were recently inducted during the auxiliary's April meeting. The officers were inducted using bubbles to symbolize the distinctively different positions that help keep the auxiliary running smoothly throughout the year.

"A bubble reflects many different colors. Each of these colors is exquisite. However, when they float in the air weightless, they become unequaled in beauty. Likewise, our Auxiliary consists of many types of people. Each person is unique, and when we band together, we become a group unequaled in strength," Carol Evans told the officers. "It is my hope that each one of you will support your officers and committee chairs by serving on a committee when asked and bring new ideas to the table to support your leadership and this Auxiliary."

An excerpt from the induction performed by Carol Evans:

TREASURER, Peggy Jackson: The gold color bubble wand symbolizes the treasurer. Gold represents riches and wealth. As treasurer, you are in charge of the monies of the NARMC Auxiliary. You must see that any bills presented will be promptly paid. You will be required to keep an up-to-date treasurer’s book, accounting for all the money collected and any expenditures. You will be signing checks, balancing the checkbook and giving the treasurer’s report at each monthly meeting. May the gold color of your bubble wand give you the skill and organization needed to fulfill these obligations.

SECRETARY, Helen Kirkham: The green color of your bubble wand symbolizes the recording secretary. Green is the color for growth and life. As recording secretary, your duties include keeping an accurate record of what happens at our club’s meetings and reporting it by reading them to aloud to the Auxiliary. If questions arise regarding anything from past meetings, it is up to you to have record of the information. May the green color of your bubble wand remind you of the vitality needed to fulfill your commitment.

VICE-PRESIDENT, Jerry Jones: The blue color of your bubble wand symbolizes the vice-president. Blue represents faith, loyalty and inspiration. As vice-president you are in training for the office of president and will lead at least one general meeting. Your faith and loyalty are important to this organization’s members, especially to the president who will rely on you for help. May the blue color of your bubble wand give you the inspiration needed to face the challenges of this office.

PRESIDENT, Sam Kekaha: The purple color of your bubble wand symbolizes the president. Purple represents leadership, greatness and unselfish efforts. A regal color, purple is associated with royalty or persons of high rank. It is your responsibility to preside over all general meetings. The organization will rely on you to get these meetings organized and to make them successful. May the purple color of your bubble wand remind you to give unselfishly of yourself as you lead our Auxiliary.

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