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Patients have Direct Access to Provider through Clinic Patient Portal

Did you know that as an NARMC patient, you have direct access to your healthcare team via the NARMC Clinic Portal?

“You don’t have to worry about writing down and remembering everything you want to discuss with your provider at an upcoming appointment,” APRN Mandy Cope said. “We all know right when the provider leaves the exam room, you think ‘I forgot to ask them something!’ Now when you have a question or concern, you can send a message to your healthcare team through the portal and get a response within 24 hours during the normal work week.”

The clinic portal is most commonly used by patients requesting refills or inquiring about a specific health condition. The portal can also be used to keep an updated medication list. Patients can view their immunization records, recent lab results, what medical tests are due and more.

“Portal communication with patients provides a means to gain better control of chronic health conditions,” added Cope. “For example, patients can send home blood pressure readings or their blood sugar diary for us to review. The provider can adjust medications immediately instead of waiting for the next appointment. Patients can send real time concerns and get prompt responses. Portal communications provides an alternative route of communication and decreases frustrations of missed phone calls. Patients that work alternate shifts can conveniently be notified of their lab results via the portal instead of getting a phone calling during the day.”

To get setup with your patient portal, talk to the staff at your NARMC clinic.

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