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Mindful Eating this Holiday Season

No matter the holiday, there is one thing you can always count on...Food! Whether you are attending a family gathering, office potluck, holiday party or dinner with friends, the holiday season revolves around eating. Many will find turkey, stuffing, dinner rolls, sweet potato casserole, pies, cakes and so much more around their dinner tables this week.

NARMC Dietitians remind us that you do not have to sacrifice taste for health during your holiday gatherings when you keep these tips in mind:

  • Incorporate physical activity into your day.

  • Eat slower.

  • Don’t skip meals.

  • Bring a vegetable to your holiday meals.

  • Eat mindfully.

Here are a few suggestions to help you eat mindfully:

  • Be aware, are you really tasting and enjoying your food or are you mindless munching?

  • Savor your food. Take time to notice the texture, aroma and flavor. Do not scarf down your food. Instead, take your time.

  • Observe your body. Let it tell you what it needs or doesn’t need. Is your stomach rumbling? Do you have low energy? Are you satisfied and full?

  • Be in the moment this holiday season. Turn off the television. Put down your cell phone. When it is time to eat, focus on just that.

  • No judgement here. Do not add guilt as a side to your meal. Enjoy the flavors of the season!

Enjoy your meals with less stress and guilt this holiday season!

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