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NARMC: A City Within a City

When you walk the halls of a hospital, you will likely see people in scrubs and staff in lab coats. But you may not see the people pushing housekeeping carts or delivering materials, along with the plumbers, electricians, accountants and other behind-the-scenes team members.

Like any hospital, North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC) is home to many team members with different skills. It operates much like a city within a city. We have cooks, grounds keepers, office staff and couriers, in addition to clinical staff. Every team member plays a role in providing patient care.

The Environmental Services team makes sure rooms are clean and germ-free to minimize the spread of viruses. The Food and Nutrition team prepares meals for patients, staff members and guests. They juggle allergies and dietary needs so that patients have the nutritional foundation they need to get better. The Admissions team members are often the first faces patients see when they enter the hospital. The business office helps patients decipher their bills and insurance. The Engineering team makes sure the phone system is running correctly. Our team of plumbers and electricians makes sure the building systems are functioning properly. The Information Systems team makes sure our technology and network is running smoothly. No matter the task or skill set, every team member has an impact on patient care.

“This is a place where I not only am able to meet my professional goals, but I am also able to make a difference,” Tasha Joseph, Human Resources Recruiter, said.

For NARMC team members, what they do each and every day is more than a job, it is their passion.

“My days often start before 4 a.m. and do not end until after 10 p.m. due to my hour-long commute to work. For me, it is worth it because of the people I work with,” Kyle Clements, RN in the Critical Care Unit, said.

The team-orientated atmosphere drew Kyle to NARMC. Many staff members work long hours and often have to make sacrifices. For many, it is the family-like atmosphere that makes those sacrifices worth it.

“It is a joy to walk down the hall where people speak to you and call you by name,” Delbert McCutchen, RN in the Education Department, said. “It’s that family atmosphere that I enjoy. It really is where caring people work.”

Glenn Kyle in Environmental Services added, “I have a personal connection with a wide variety of team members since I visit various departments throughout the day. I enjoy serving the entire NARMC team.”

NARMC is always looking for new dedicated team members. We just might be looking for exactly your skills. For a list of current openings, visit

For more information, call 870-414-4000.

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