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Back Pain Management Tips Offered to Local Teachers

This week, teachers are getting back into their routine for school. With students starting soon, teachers are preparing for a positive school year and that includes education sessions.

Teachers in the Bergman school district heard from Brittany Martin, Director of Rehabilitation at NARMC, on their first day back to school. Martin focused on back pain, proper body mechanics and how physical therapy is an effective alternative to opioids.

“Physical therapy is a calling for me, and I am passionate about educating the community on how to prevent injury,” Martin said. “Back pain is very complex, but now these teachers know tools for prevention and how physical therapy can be their first line of defense when pain arises.”

Many teachers and coaches lead extremely active lifestyles, which can lead to chronic pain. Martin’s goal is to educate them on how to prevent issues in the future.

“We hope that they do not need our services, but if they ever do, I want them to know that caring for them is of upmost importance,” Martin added. “Our team can provide one-on-one treatment plans catered to their specific needs to help get them back on their feet and pain-free.”

Martin also pointed out that sometimes physical or occupational therapy is the answer to pain instead of medication. NARMC’s rehab team offers various types of therapy that are good starting points when trying to manage pain, including dry needling, astym/iastm therapy, cupping and hands-on soft tissue mobilization such as myofascial release and muscle energy techniques.

Martin’s made goal is helping individuals achieve more function in day-to-day life and equipping patients with the tools to enjoy life to the fullest.

Take a look at scenes from Martin’s presentation at the Bergman School District.

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