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Meaningful Jobs

In honor of National Hospital Week, Radiation Therapist and Claude Parrish Cancer Center Director, Jon Burnside shared about his profession.

I am constantly asked, "How do you do what you do? I don't know if I could do your job dealing with cancer everyday."

I kindly smile and share, "I love my job and the patients I serve!” recently proved what I have been sharing for years as they reviewed 454 jobs to find the most meaningful careers.

I am not surprised that Radiation Therapy recently ranked sixth with 93 percent of those responding stating they find their job very meaningful, and 86 percent stating that they are very satisfied in their jobs.

I appreciate the opportunity NARMC gives me to practice my radiation therapy skills all while impacting our community in a positive way. NARMC's commitment to technology and safety allows me and my staff the opportunity to work hard, help others and have one of the most satisfying careers in the world.

In honor of hospital week, I have included some of the medical field rankings in the survey. You can see the medical field makes up some of the most meaningful jobs out there!

#4 Surgeon

#6 Radiation Therapist

#11 Occupational Therapist

#14 Speech Therapist

#16 Family/General Practitioner

#19 Physical Therapist

#23 Pediatrician

#30 Health Educator

#33 OTA

#34 PTA

#50 Internist

#56 PA

#57 Diagnostic Sonographer

#66 Nuclear Medicine Technologist

#71 Respiratory Therapist

#72 Medical Laboratory Tech

#75 Medical Social Worker

#81 Registered Nurse

#82 EMT and Paramedic

#83 OB and Gynecologist

#86 Nursing Instructor

#90 LPN

#91 Dietician and Nutritionist

#93 Pharmacist

#94 Home Health Aide

#96 Radiologic Technologist

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