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Match made at NARMC

In 1973, 17-year-old Linda Brown began working in the Food and Nutrition Department of Boone County Hospital. Her mother was a nurse and recommended beginning her career in the healthcare field. She started as a dish-washer and has held several roles in the kitchen since. Now, Linda is the Inventory Control Analyst and handles catering, events and helps with ordering.

“It means a lot to me to be able to help people with special diets and specific catering orders,” Linda said.

Forty-four years later, Linda still calls NARMC home and would not have it any other way.

“I enjoy coming to work,” she said. “I consider the people I work with to be my family.”

During her 44 years with NARMC, several members of Linda’s immediate family also worked at NARMC. It was also there that she met her long-time partner, Dennis.

In 1983, a 27-year-old Dennis McKinney started working at NARMC. About three years later, Linda caught his eye. Dennis asked Linda to go on a date and the rest is history. Thirty-two years and two daughters later, the couple fondly recalls the early days of their relationship and gives NARMC credit for how they met.

Since the pair have the same schedule, they ride to and from work together each day. They also find time to have lunch together on a daily basis.

“It’s nice to be able to share this part of my life with him,” Linda said. “The best part of my day is either running into him or meeting him for lunch.”

Dennis works in NARMC’s Construction Department. He has been a part of renovations, day-to-day maintenance and special projects. Recently, he has been a part of the new EMS building project and the cafeteria remodel. His favorite project is building cabinets.

“I enjoy making NARMC look nice. It is exciting to finish a project and see an idea come to life,” he added.

With a total of 78 years of combined service to NARMC, the couple has seen the healthcare system grow and expand. Not only has the physical structure of the building changed, but the name of the system has, as well.

“It has changed for the better,” Linda said of NARMC.

For Dennis and Linda, working at NARMC truly is a family affair. Linda’s mother and the pair’s two daughters were once part of the NARMC team.

The two Harrison natives are a part of NARMC’s 850-member team. NARMC is proud to be home to highly skilled healthcare professionals. Every team member plays a crucial part in providing the best in care, close to home.

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