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Health and the Holidays: Healthy Recipe Adjustments

The holidays would not be the same without your favorite dishes served at family gatherings and celebrations. Unfortunately, most holiday dishes are not healthy, but there are easy ways to tweak your favorite recipes so you can eat them and not feel guilty for indulging.

“It’s all about developing a healthy, positive relationship with food,” NARMC Clinical Dietitian Lynetta Smith, MS, RD, LD, said. “You can transform your favorite comfort food into healthy dishes in just minutes.”

When making mashed potatoes, dressing or gravy, substitute whole milk or heavy cream with low fat ingredients such as skim milk or low fat chicken broth.

When making a dessert, instead of adding heavy cream, use evaporated skim milk. Instead of topping your cake or dish with heavy frosting, use fresh fruit and powdered sugar for a healthy, light alternative.

Also, when making gravy, let it sit in the fridge for an hour in order to let the fat rise to the top. Then, skim the fat off before you serve it.

Smith also encourages movement during holiday celebrations.

“I recommend working in joyful movement in between meals,” Smith said. “You can create fun, new traditions such as a family football game or dance party.”

Smith added, when out shopping this holiday season, parking near the back of a parking lot is an easy way to work in walking and movement into one’s busy schedule.

Eating healthy during the holidays may seem daunting, but can be very simple when keeping these tips in mind.

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