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NARMC EMS certifies 5,000 individuals in Hands-Only CPR

North Arkansas Regional Medical Center’s (NARMC) Emergency Services Department (EMS) has certified 5,000 individuals in Hands-Only CPR.

Recently, the staff of the Harrison Daily Times welcomed the NARMC EMS team during a staff meeting. The group was certified in Hands-Only CPR, which put NARMC’s total certifications over 5,000.

“The Hands-Only CPR program is one way that we can educate the public and further our mission of keeping the community healthy and safe,” Director of EMS Brian Unruh said.

Immediate CPR can save a person’s life. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), studies have shown that individuals trained in CPR are unwilling to perform CPR in public. Often, they freeze in the middle of an emergency. The AHA has simplified CPR to two simple steps.

First, if a teenager or an adult collapses, the witness should call 911 and then push hard and fast in the center of their chest. When speaking to 911, be sure to give a specific location and to answer the dispatcher’s questions precisely. According to the AHA, CPR can double or triple a person’s chance of survival.

NARMC EMS has been taking the Hands-Only CPR message to the community since September 2016. EMS crews have taught the program to schools, offices, volunteer organizations, fairs and community events. Training includes watching a short AHA approved video and then performing the skill. The NARMC EMS team created a kiosk that allows participates to perform CPR as if they a playing a game like Guitar Hero.

Knowing this simple skill can save a life. To schedule a class or for more information, call NARMC EMS at 870-704-2104.

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