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Compliance Top Priority for NARMC

NARMC is dedicated to adhering to the highest standards by conducting our business ethically. Our formal Compliance and Ethics Program establishes our expectations for how employees should conduct themselves. We are proud of our employees and their commitment to their patients, co-workers, and the community.

As we celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week, we are excited to highlight the work of our staff who continue to make NARMC the “Best in Care, Close to Home.”

When thinking about compliance, we think of rules, regulations, and laws; but let’s be honest--rules and regulations aren’t fun to talk about! Anyone who has tried to read the CMS Conditions of Participation or the Code of Federal Regulations will tell you they can be headache inducing.

However, compliance directly relates to NARMC’s values of Safety, Quality, Integrity, and Community. NARMC has a fantastic staff who do a great job of taking action to promote these values.

Providing for the safety of our patients is one of our highest ethical duties, not only as healthcare workers, but also as human beings. Every day we make efforts to keep others and ourselves safe; we stop for crosswalks, hold kids’ hands as they cross the street, and help our elderly family and neighbors.

So when patient falls increased on the first floor, Director of Nursing Donna Boehm needed

a solution. Enter the “fall tree.” Studies show that visual cues help people to remember to do future tasks. The fall tree is a visual aid that adds a leaf for every day that the floor does not have a patient fall and adds an animal for every 30 days without a fall.

First floor manager Jenny Harmon has certainly noticed a difference stating, “the fall tree helps staff to be more involved in the initiative to prevent falls, and is a reminder to check call lights and environmental hazards.” Since the inception of the tree, falls have decreased dramatically. The tree recently had 98 leaves, and the team on the first floor is vowing to break that record. NARMC is proud to have such a phenomenal staff that is committed to safety!

Your Health. Your Safety.
Our Mission. 

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