Welcome to the Respiratory Services department at North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC), where we are dedicated to providing top-tier care and support for patients with respiratory conditions. Our skilled team of respiratory therapists and medical professionals utilizes advanced technology and innovative treatments to ensure optimal outcomes for our patients.

Respiratory Therapy

At NARMC, our respiratory therapists are experts in the assessment, treatment, and care of patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. Operating under physician supervision, our team is equipped to manage a broad range of respiratory conditions, from common ailments like asthma and COPD to complex cases requiring intensive care.

Pulmonary Function Lab

The Pulmonary Function Lab at NARMC is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment to accurately measure lung function and capacity. These tests are crucial for the precise diagnosis of respiratory conditions and for customizing treatment plans to each patient's unique needs. Our comprehensive testing services include but not limited to spirometry, lung volume measurement, and gas diffusion studies.

Why Choose NARMC?

  • Expert Care: Our respiratory specialists are Registered and Licensed by the State having extensive experience in treating a wide array of respiratory disorders, ensuring you receive proficient care.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: We believe in personalized healthcare. Each treatment plan is carefully tailored to address the specific needs of our patients, based on thorough evaluations and precise diagnoses.
  • Advanced Technology: We employ the most advanced respiratory care technologies and methodologies available today to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
  • Patient Education: We empower our patients by providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively manage their conditions at home, which promotes better long-term health outcomes.

Our Commitment

At NARMC, we are committed to enhancing the health and quality of life for all our patients. We recognize the challenges that come with respiratory conditions and are here to provide compassionate care and comprehensive support throughout your journey.

For more information about our Respiratory Services or to schedule an appointment, please contact our Central Scheduling Department at 870-414-4888.

Together, we can breathe easier.