At NARMC, we offer family medicine physicians with obstetric training. These healthcare professionals are trained to provide comprehensive medical care to individuals of all ages, including maternity care for pregnant women.

The services of a family doctor with obstetric training include:

Prenatal Care: NARMC’s Family medicine obstetricians provide prenatal care to expectant mothers. This includes regular check-ups, monitoring the health of the mother and the developing fetus, and providing guidance on a healthy pregnancy.

Labor and Delivery: Our family medicine doctors with obstetric training manage pregnancies and perform deliveries. They are trained to handle the labor and delivery process, assisting with both vaginal deliveries and, in some cases, cesarean sections.

Postpartum Care: After childbirth, our physicians continue to provide care to both the mother and the newborn. They monitor the mother’s recovery, address any postpartum concerns, and provide guidance on newborn care.

Women's Health: In addition to obstetrical care, NARMC’s family medicine doctors with obstetric training provide a range of women's health services, including reproductive health, contraception, and routine gynecological exams.

Primary Care: Our family medicine obstetricians offer general medical care to individuals and families, addressing a broad spectrum of health concerns unrelated to pregnancy. They focus on preventive care, managing chronic conditions, and addressing acute illnesses.

The advantage of having a NARMC family doctor with obstetric training is the continuity of care. Our patients can receive care from the same physician throughout the stages of family planning, pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. This approach emphasizes a holistic and family-centered approach to healthcare.