Laboratory Services

At North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC), our Laboratory Services department is dedicated to providing accurate and timely diagnostic testing to support your healthcare needs. Our College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited laboratory is equipped with advanced technology and staffed by experienced professionals who are committed to delivering reliable results.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of laboratory services, including:

  • Blood Tests: Comprehensive blood panels to monitor your overall health and detect various conditions.
  • Urinalysis: Testing urine samples to diagnose kidney conditions, urinary tract infections, and other disorders.
  • Microbiology: Identifying infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.
  • Hematology/Coagulation: Analyzing blood cells to diagnose conditions like anemia, clotting disorders, and blood cancers.
  • Transfusion Services: Responsible for ensuring patients are receiving compatible blood products.
  • Chemistry: Testing for metabolic and chemical imbalances in the body.
  • Urine Drug Toxicology Screening: Testing for the presence or absence of legal or illegal drugs in the urine.
  • Immunology/Serology: Detecting if antigens or antibodies are present to rule in or out infections, autoimmune disorders, or other immunologic diseases.
  • Pathology: Examination of tissues and cells to diagnose diseases, including cancer. These services are performed by Northwest Arkansas Pathology Associates.
  • Partnership with major Reference Laboratories to provide a wide range of testing capabilities with the convenience of being drawn right here.

Why Choose NARMC Laboratory Services?

  • Accurate Results: Our laboratory adheres to the highest standards of quality and accuracy in diagnostic testing.
  • Timely Reporting: We understand the importance of quick results and strive to provide timely reporting to aid in prompt diagnosis and treatment. Most of our in-house tests are performed and resulted in the same day.
  • Experienced Team: Our skilled technologists and pathologists bring years of experience and expertise to every test.
  • Patient-Centered Care: We prioritize your comfort and convenience, ensuring a positive experience during your visit.

How to Access Our Services

Our laboratory services are available to both inpatients and outpatients. Our hospital blood draw location is open 24/7 for your convenience, and our second location, at theMed plaza is open from 7 AM to 6 PM. Appointments are not needed when visiting either of our two blood draw locations you will need your laboratory test request form from a health care professional requesting the laboratory testing.

Please call admissions in the event your provider has faxed the order to ensure we have received it.  If you have more than one provider’s orders, please inform the registration team so they can create separate visits and ensure all labs are drawn.  You must be registered prior to being seen at the laboratory.

Therapeutic phlebotomies need to be scheduled through centralized scheduling. Please call 870-414-4888 to set up your next appointment.

The laboratory will fax your provider your laboratory results after they are completed. Some testing requires to be sent to an outside laboratory and can take up to two weeks to be completed depending on the test. 

Some tests require special preparation to ensure accurate test results. Your provider will let you know if special preparation is required. This may include:

  • Fasting
  • Drinking more or less water than usual
  • Avoiding certain medications, vitamins, and/or herbal supplements

It is important to inform your provider about all the medication you are taking before making any changes prior to having your blood drawn.

If you are dropping a specimen off, there might be special instructions for transporting your specimen. Your provider should provide you with instructions for preparing for your test. If you are unsure if special preparation is required, or if you have any questions about your instructions contact your provider’s office. All specimens must be labelled with the patient’s first and last name, date of birth, date, and time of collection.

Laboratory Resources

For more information on how to access our services please consult with your healthcare provider or visit our laboratory during operating hours.

Thank you for choosing North Arkansas Regional Medical Center for your laboratory testing needs. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality care and accurate diagnostic services to support your health and well-being.