If you choose to deliver at North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC), you, your baby and family will be an integral part of our "Family-Centered Maternity Care."  We foster this by focusing on the physical, social and emotional needs of your family. This means personal birth choices and an environment where bonding with your baby is easily facilitated.  One way we accomplish this is through our eight LDRP rooms. Families are able to stay in one room until after the delivery.

Our Staff

We have an expert staff of registered nurses who are able to provide you with all the assistance you may need to safely delivery your baby. Our staff holds certification in NRP, S.T.A.B.L.E., ACLS, as well as the OB modifications for that certification. Most have taken the AWHONN fetal monitoring courses to assess and monitor you and your baby during labor. Several staff members also hold national certifications in specialties specific to the care of mothers and babies.

Labor Process

While you are in labor, our nurses will constantly interact with you and your family, providing education and support throughout the labor and delivery process.   Walking and movement to help with pain management is encouraged. Pain medication and/or epidural anesthesia are available to you for use during labor and delivery.

Delivery Process

Following the philosophy of the Baby Friendly Organization, your baby will be placed skin to skin immediately at the delivery.  With warm blankets and a hat, the baby will remain skin to skin for one hour or until the first feed.  This facilitates bonding as your baby transitions to life outside the womb. If you are breast-feeding, the baby will be placed to breast as soon as possible after the delivery. Should you require a cesarean section, you will be moved to our surgical delivery room. Your labor nurse and physician will be part of the surgical team accompanying you every step of the way.  If you have spinal anesthesia, your labor coach will be able to attend your delivery.  In the event of the need for general anesthesia, we will keep your coach and family informed of your progress while they wait in your room.

Visitors and Coaches

Our philosophy of family-centered care means you should be supported by those you choose to provide comfort and encouragement during labor and delivery.  In order to protect the safety, privacy and security of all our patients, we ask that your visitors be respectful of this special moment and limit trips in an out of the unit.  Our main doors lock at 10pm and open again at 6 am.  We ask that during this time visitors are kept to a minimum to promote rest for you and your new baby.

Sibling Attendance at Delivery

With the birth of your baby his or her brother or sister may be present for a vaginal delivery.  Another adult must be present at all times to care for each child’s needs.  We strongly encourage preparing a young child for attendance at a delivery.

Baby Care After Delivery

After about an hour of skin-to-skin contact, the baby will be examined, weighed, foot printed and returned to you. The baby will not leave your room until you are ready to be discharged home.  This commitment to great mother baby care is your promise that NARMC is committed to be your preferred health care provider going forward.

Support After Delivery

In labor and delivery, your nurse will assist in your first feeding right after delivery or when your baby is ready. Ongoing assistance and support is continued during your stay. In addition, you will be supported by our lactation department and our consultant who is available Tuesday through Friday and by appointment after discharge. We offer a monthly breastfeeding support group that meets the second Wednesday of every month in our 3rd floor waiting room. The Lactation Club is an integral part of our ongoing support of breastfeeding families after discharge. 

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