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Health screenings are often the first step toward creating or continuing a healthy lifestyle. Often health screenings are tests that look for diseases before the symptoms because present and these test are extremely impactful in the overall health of an individual. Clinicians within the NARMC organization perform a number of health screening including, but not limited to: cardio-vascular, stroke, cancer, reproductive issues, high blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoporosis, etc.

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Disclaimer: Please note email is not a secure form of communication.  Please do not send sensitive health or financial information using this form.  Questions to “Contact Us” should not be a substitute for medical care for an urgent or emergency situation.  If you require immediate medical attention, please contact 911.  If you have an emergent or non-emergent medical issue requiring prompt attention, please contact your physician or seek medical attention at the nearest urgent care or emergency room. 

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