The North Arkansas Medical Foundation was created in 1996 as a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. As the fundraising branch of North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC), the Foundation is committed to providing financial support to the hospital and our clinics.

Within the past year alone, the Foundation purchased a LUCAS chest compression system for the EMS department and two anesthesia machines for the surgery department. This is only possible through the support of our valued donors. Additionally, the Foundation secured grant funding to purchase four ECG machines for the respiratory department, a bladder scanner for the emergency department, a birthing bed for the OB department, and an AED for the Claude Parrish Cancer Center. Since its inception in 1996, the foundation has raised more than $10 million for the needs of NARMC.

We count it an honor and privilege to serve NARMC and this community. We want to be a Foundation that you can trust, knowing that your dollars make a difference in the lives of all our patients here at NARMC. We are here for you and strive to be here for the next generation.

Board of Directors

  • Cheri Wynn – Chair
  • Matt Willmott – Vice Chair
  • Brook Clavey – Secretary
  • Joe Paul James
  • Cub Scott
  • Melissa Collins
  • Dan Bowers
  • Sherri Billings
  • Stephen Beeler
  • Ken Milburn
  • Larry Phillips
  • Kirk Campbell
  • David O'Neal

Advisory Board

  • Lorie McCracken
  • Ryan Caughron
  • Paula Richardson
  • Lewis Tate
  • Haley Bright
  • April Rosa
  • Josh Stewart
  • Nate Wilson
  • Brenda Harding