Sometimes, the difference between a positive medical outcome and a catastrophic outcome can be measured in minutes -- namely, the speed in which a patient can be seen and receives initial treatment for an injury or illness. Our EMS services are delivered by highly-trained, award-winning professionals who know the importance of delivering emergency care at the speed of life.

Serving the communities in Boone, Newton, Searcy, and other neighboring counties, we have satellite locations in Marshall and Diamond City/Lead Hill, as well as in Newton County. We’re also available to provide patient transport to hospitals in both Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas areas, as well as to hospitals in the Springfield area of Missouri.





620 North Main Street

Harrison, AR 72601



Disclaimer: Please note email is not a secure form of communication.  Please do not send sensitive health or financial information using this form.  Questions to “Contact Us” should not be a substitute for medical care for an urgent or emergency situation.  If you require immediate medical attention, please contact 911.  If you have an emergent or non-emergent medical issue requiring prompt attention, please contact your physician or seek medical attention at the nearest urgent care or emergency room. 

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