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North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC) is currently following Arkansas Department of Health guidelines as the COVID-19 virus spreads throughout the United States.  NARMC main entrances are secured. Visitors have been restricted. Special consideration will be given for obstetrics and other patient needs. Patients are instructed to enter through the Emergency Department and will be screened with the Arkansas Department of Health guidelines and have their temperature taken when they enter.

If you have questions about the virus, if you are experiencing symptoms such as running a fever, have a cough or shortness of breath, or have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive patient, please

call 414-4010 for the NARMC COVID-19 call center.

NARMC has opened a Viral Screening Clinic at the NARMC Medical Plaza on Highway 65 South NARMC is one of only 5 hospitals in the state to offer this service at this time.  The goal is to reduce the spread of viral illness by limiting contact. The hours are Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This is a drive thru service only.  We are providing screening for viral illness at this location.  We are utilizing a telephone registration process, and then a provider will screen each patient.  Patients may receive testing based on clinical presentation and current symptoms.  We are able to test for flu and strep throat at this location.  We do have very limited testing supplies for the COVID19 and will be performing those tests in accordance with the recommendations from the Arkansas Department of Health.  

NARMC is working closely with Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) to determine which patients should be tested for COVID-19. NARMC providers are following current ADH guidelines for COVID-19 testing and the ADH will make the determination of which patients need to be tested at this time. Please feel free to contact ADH for consultation at



For more information regarding COVID-19, please visit the Arkansas Department of Health website

or the Center of Disease Control (CDC) website .

What You can do for Your Community

NARMC wants to encourage our community to practice social distancing and social isolation when possible.  Staying home is key. If you can have groceries delivered along with any other needed items, please do so. We also want to encourage the use of drive thru services when possible.  We understand this can be an inconvenience, but we encourage you to be creative during this time. Using technology to communicate in place of group meetings is ideal. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends no group meetings larger than 10 people.

If you have to be out in public, we urge you to remain appropriate distance from other people. You need to be at

least 6 feet apart.

Please encourage your families, co-workers and friends to remain at home if they are feeling ill.  During this viral pandemic event, it is important to also understand that while one person may not feel sick, they could be sharing the illness with others.  That is the reason that remaining isolated with only immediate family members during this time is important.  Hand hygiene is extremely important as well to prevent the spread of any viral illness.

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