Working with an individual's personal physician to provide needed care at home, the staff of the Home Health Agency of North Arkansas Regional Medical Center can be depended upon to supply quality care with a personal touch. Certified and licensed by the Arkansas Department of Heatlh to provide home health and personal care services, the Home Health Agency is a member of the Home Care association of Arkansas and is accredited by the Joint Commission.

An extension of hospital care in the home, the Home health Agency serves as the medical liaison between the patient and their physician. A highly qualified staff administers a wide range of treatment protocols, instructing patients and their families in the proper use of medications and monitoring patient progress. Home care staff is knowledgeable in the coordination of other community services and assisting with the provision of necessary medical equipment and supplies.

Working as a team, the home care staff seeks to ensure quality care at home to help prevent admission or readmission to the hospital.

Home Health Agency services include:
  • Assessment of each patient's condition and situation and working with the individual's physician to develop a plan of care specifically designed to fit the needs of the patient.

  • Teaching the patient and their family about the illness, injury or disability; their medications; problems to be reported to the physician; proper care related to their medical problems.

  • The provision of skilled nursing services, such as injections, catheter care, colostomy care, lab work, dressing changes, wound care, tube feeding, diabetic teaching, IV therapy, etc.

  • Assistance with the development and understanding of proper diet and nutritional needs.

  • Establishment of plans for speech or physical therapy, when needed.

  • Provision of Home Health Aide services to assist the patient with personal care, in conjunction with skilled nursing or therapy, when needed.

  • Working closely with the physician regarding all aspects of patient care.

  • Provision of private pay homemaker, personal care, and respite aide services to assist with light housekeeping and personal care when skilled care aide services are not required.

  • Provision of medical social worker services.

  • CareLink personal emergency response system is available to provide hands free, two-way communication with a caring attendant who talks with the patient, determining what kind of help is needed and quickly dispatching the appropriate person or agency to the home.
    • All age groups.
    • Medicare requires persons to be essentially homebound due to illness or injury.
    • Persons needing intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy or speed therapy.
    • Persons under the care of a physician.
    • Medicare Part A and B cover Home Health Services.
    • Medicaid covers Home Health Services.
    • Most private and group insurance policies cover Home Health care.
    • No-source care is provided to the extent possible.
    • Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
    • Staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and home visits are made by a licensed professional.

    Boone, Carroll, Newton, Marion, and Searcy Counties in Arkansas.

    HomMed Monitoring System

    NARMC Home Care and HomMed® LLC have formed an exclusive partnership that will provide in-home health monitoring services to patients in Boone, Marion, Searcy, Carroll and Newton counties. The partnership marks the start-up of NARMC’s new telemedicine program, developed by the agency as a way to cost-effectively enhance existing patient care services.

    How the HomMed System Works

    The HomMed Home Monitoring System is one of only a few Class II, 510k FDA-approved home health monitoring systems. This hospital-grade system comprises the HomMed Sentry™ and the HomMed central station.

    The Sentry is a toaster-sized device that is individually programmed with parameters set by a patient's physician, and then placed in the patient's home. At a pre-specified time each morning, a voice prompt instructs the patient to take his own vital signs and then guides him through the process. With a few keystrokes from the patient, the Sentry collects objective clinical data including heart rate; blood pressure and oxygen saturation levels; and body weight and temperature, as well as subjective, quality-of-life indicators such as fatigue level and shortness of breath. The FDA has approved the device for monitoring of blood glucose levels, lung functions and serum PT/INR levels.

    The monitor sends patient data using digital, wireless technology or traditional phone lines to a central station at NARMC Home Care office, where it is evaluated. The central station details the patient's vital signs for a nurse to review and analyze. Patient data is displayed daily and alerts monitoring nurses when any vital signs fall outside physician-defined parameters, signaling a potentially dangerous problem which can then be identified and treated before it becomes serious. The central station also informs nurses when a patient fails to take any or all of his vital signs, allowing the nurse to arrange for immediate follow-up. Please call the Home Care office at 870-365-2100 to find out how to get the HomMed monitor for your family member.

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